Protect Your Hearing This New Years

As the 2019 New Year approaches, your social planning may already be in full swing. But even while out enjoying the festivities, it’s important to  protect your hearing. We’ve put together some tips to help you prepare and stay safe whilst you celebrate.


Take some simple earplugs to wear and position yourself at least 15 to 20 meters away from the display. Fireworks easily reach 120db, with large displays reaching 150db to 175db. To put this into perspective, an airplane taking off is approx 150db.The maximum safe noise level is 85db. Earplugs can reduce the noise by up to 35db. If you wear hearing aids, you  may want to consider switching it off, or adjusting the levels accordingly.


Live music can easily exceed 110db, and music at an indoor party can also exceed the recommended 85 db. If possible, ask for the volume to be turned down. If not, follow the same advice as above and maintain a safe distance from any speakers.

Take Breaks

Be sure to take regular breaks from the noise; this will give you and your auditory system a chance to relax. Locate a spot at the beginning of the evening that seems quiet. Let anybody who may have accompanied you know that you may be here having a noise-detox from time to time. This will hopefully prevent you getting tired or painful ears and needing to go home early.

Stay Warm

Being in the cold for a prolonged period slows blood flow to your ears and could increase the chances of ear infections. Wrap yourself and loved ones up in lots of layers and perhaps invest in a pair of earmuffs or ear defenders that will cover your ears!


Group conversations can produce noise levels up to 70db. In highly populated areas such as parties and concerts, this can easily raise above 85db. So once again, those affordable earplugs can help or your hearing aid may have feature to assist. Try to position yourself a little further back in the crowd,with an exit or quieter space close by in case you need a break.

Alcohol and Sugary Food

Excessive alcohol consumption or a high intake of sugary food have both been linked to symptoms of hearing loss and tinnitus. Moderation is key!

Finally, allow your ears at least 16 hours to rest after your celebrations. If you have any concerns following the festivities we can discuss them too. On behalf of all the team here, we hope you have a fantastic time – celebrate safely! If you want to start your New Year committed to better hearing health, book in an appointment with our professionals today. Call 888-342-4734 or click here to request an appointment.

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